teens video chat room Aims to advance the transatlantic community’s strategic thinking on the security challenges facing the Baltic-Nordic region, from armed or cyber attacks to threats against social cohesion and energy security.

Photo:Robert Reisman

Anti-Access/Area Denial (A2/AD)

24 October 2017


Zapad and Beyond: a Look at Russian Naval Activities Through the Summer of 2017

click here Gabriel White,

see Despite its conclusion just over a month ago, Russia’s military exercise Zapad 2017 has left western observers with many unanswered questions.

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28 September 2017


ICDS Report Presented at Electronic Warfare & Military Cyber Live 2017

source Roger N. McDermott,

On 25 September, the ICDS report “Russia’s Electronic Warfare Capabilities to 2025: Challenging NATO in Electromagnetic Spectrum” was presented at the...

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