Aims to advance the transatlantic community’s strategic thinking on the security challenges facing the Baltic-Nordic region, from armed or cyber attacks to threats against social cohesion and energy security.

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Piret Pernik

Research Fellow

Piret Pernik joined the International Centre for Defence and Security in April 2013. Her research focuses on cyber security policy-making and other strategic issues relevant to cyber security. Piret’s tasks include analysing global developments, including strategies and policies pursued by states and international organisations. She recommends how to shape Estonia’s efforts on cyber security and on how to introduce the Estonian experience internationally, as well as coordinates cyber security related cooperation with other relevant domestic and international actors.

Before joining ICDS, she worked at the Policy Planning Department of the Estonian Ministry of Defence (in 2003–2009 and in 2012–2013). In 2009–2012, she served as an adviser to the National Defence Committee of the Riigikogu (Estonian Parliament). She has lectured on international relations at the Estonian Humanitarian Institute of Tallinn University and the Euroacademy and has carried out sociological research projects at the Institute of International and Social Sciences, the Institute of Educational Sciences and the Estonian Institute for Futures Studies of Tallinn University. Piret has studied sociology at the Estonian Humanitarian Institute and political science at the University of Tartu. She holds a Master’s degree in Sociology, and a Master’s degree in International Relations and European Studies from Central European University in Budapest.


Cyber Security


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