Aims to advance the transatlantic community’s strategic thinking on the security challenges facing the Baltic-Nordic region, from armed or cyber attacks to threats against social cohesion and energy security.

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Emmet Tuohy

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Emmet Tuohy is senior research fellow at the Estonian Center for Eastern Partnership (ECEAP), an institution founded by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Estonian School of Diplomacy, where he focuses on political/strategic dynamics in the EaP countries, especially Ukraine and Moldova, as well as on the security and energy dimensions of the EU's Eastern Partnership program itself.  Before moving to ECEAP, Tuohy served as research fellow at ICDS - where he continues to contribute on a non-resident basis - and as associate director of the Center for Eurasian Policy at the Hudson Institute. The author of numerous articles, research papers, and monographs, Tuohy is a frequent speaker and lecturer at conferences and educational institutions throughout Europe and regularly appears in both Estonian and international media. A fluent speaker of several regional languages, Tuohy is a graduate of the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University in Washington, DC.


Energy security

Eastern Partnership


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