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Anna Bulakh

Non-Resident Research Fellow

Anna Bulakh is a research fellow at the International Centre for Defence and Security, Estonia and memeber of a project team of the development cooperation project “Civil society support for strengthening national resilience and security in Ukraine” supported by the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Her research areas cover Energy Security, and regional security in the area of the EU’s Neighbourhood particularly in Ukraine. She writes and comments on the issues of the EU’s single energy market, precisely on the development of the energy infrastructure across the Union and the possibility to bring new sources of energy supplies to Europe and energy security as a tool of foreign policy.

In her research on security risks and conflicts, she focuses on developments in Ukraine’s security and defence, civil sector support of national security. Previously she conducted research at the Prague Security Studies Institute, Czech Republic and works at the ICDS since 2013. Anna was a scholar of a training programme "International Relations and European Integration" for young diplomats, civil servants and researchers from the Eastern Partnership countries at the Estonian School of Diplomacy, holds MA in Political Science and International Relations from the University Fernando Pessoa, Porto (Portugal).  In 2015, Anna was lauded as a "Leader of Tomorrow" by the knowledge pool at the 45st St. Gallen Symposium in Switzerland. 

Bulakh is originally from Ukraine.


Energy security

Eastern Partnership


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