Thursday, April 24
Lessons Identified in Crimea
The annexation of Crimea in late February 2014 raises a number of questions about whether Estonia's own national defence system is adequate. It took very little time for Russian Federation f...
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Afghanistan on the eve of elections: 10 million voters, 20 million voter cards
Eleven candidates have been registered for the presidential elections set to take place in Afghanistan in April. They fall into two major groups: technocrats and warlords. The first have vis..
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Comprehensive Security and Integrated Defence
The Estonian Government began employing an integrated approach to national defence in 2010. Pursuant to the National Defence Strategy, subsequent steps will include submission for Cabinet ap...
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Russian Armed Forces in 2014 – A Short-term prognosis
By and large the last year’s prognosis can be considered accurate. The events in the Russian armed forces in 2013 unfolded mainly as we predicted – some elements of army reform introduced du..
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Central African Republic: A weak country with a long border
In many ways, the Central African Republic (CAR) resembles Mali and Afghanistan. As a result, the impending CAR operation will not be so much a stability operation as a nation-building exerc...
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Israel-Turkey Pipeline Can Fix Eastern Mediterranean
For Israel, the discovery in 2010 of a vast natural gas field off its coast was like hitting the jackpot. The future energy development offered the country unprecedented economic security. ..
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Preaching to the Unconverted: A Strategic View of the EU’s Eastern Partnership Program
We should give up the idea that European values are somehow going to win over the continent on their own....
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New Separatist "Protests" in Eastern Ukraine: Endgame or Opening Gambit?


Different Tactics, Same Story


Keynote address by General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander Allied Joint Force Command Brunssum entitled “NATO’s Core Tasks from a Military Operational Perspective”
Speaking at ICDS on 24 March 2014 General Hans-Lothar Domröse, Commander Allied Joint Force Command (JFC) Brunssum, gave a comprehensive overview of NATO’s core t...
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Seminar on the Strategic Implications of Developments in the Arctic
On 7 March 2014, a seminar was held at ICDS on “Strategic Implications of Developments in the Arctic”. The event featured Niklas Granholm, Deputy Director of Stud...
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Report on comprehensive security and integrated defence released
Today marked the release of “Comprehensive Security and Integrated Defence”, an International Centre for Defence Studies report commissioned by the Parliamentary ...
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