Wednesday, October 01
Director Bryza in Financial Times: Call Putin's Bluff on Natural Gas

The EU has convinced itself that its dependence on Russian natural gas supplies deprives it of leverage over Russia, thereby limiting its response to Russia's hybrid warfare against Ukraine....
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Strelkov/Girkin Demoted, Transnistrian Siloviki Strengthened in ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’
On August 14–15, the “Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR] government” and its military command underwent another recasting—the second within one week, while Ukrainian forces tighten the ring aro..
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Moscow’s Reinforced Team in Donetsk Picks Local Figurehead Leader
The titular “prime minister of the Donetsk people’s republic,” Aleksandr Boroday, returned from a week-long Moscow visit to usher in another reorganization of “DPR’s” hierarchy. This time, t...
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Transnistria-Type Scenario Looming in Ukraine’s Donbas
Western diplomacy seems about to revert to pressuring Ukraine into a disadvantageous armistice and negotiations with Russia’s protégés in the Donetsk and Luhansk “people’s republics.” This c..
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Putin Re-Interprets Russia’s Participation in the First World War
On August 1, at Moscow’s Poklonnaya Hill military memorial, President Vladimir Putin inaugurated a monument to Russian soldiers who fought in the First World War. On the hundredth anniversar...
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Russian Armed Forces in the Baltic Sea Region
In the past five years, Russian units have grown in quality as well as quantity. ..
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Donetsk ‘Republic’ Leaders’ Morale Plummeting
Intercepts of Moscow-Donetsk telephone conversations, made public by Ukraine’s Security Service (SBU), reveal pessimism and demoralization on the part of at least some of the secessionist “r...
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The Eastern Partnership: Challenges and Opportunities for European Integration
The Vilnius Summit of the Eastern Partnership (abbreviated EaP), held in November 2013, reiterated the stated goal of the previous summit in Warsaw of “building a common area of shared democ..
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Tremors in the ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’s’ Military and Political Hierarchy
On July 28, Russian state television presented Vladimir Antyufeyev as “acting chairman of the council of ministers of the Donetsk People’s Republic [DPR prime minister],” and featured an int...
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Armistice Opens Way to Russian Partition of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk Provinces


Afghanistan: Light at the End of a Very Long Tunnel?


Ukrainian Leaders Walk Away From Law on Self-Administration in Occupied Territories


Ukraine Grants More Powers to Localities in Russian-Controlled Territory


Director Bryza Deepens ICDS Partnership with GMF-Warsaw: Transatlantic Trends, Ukraine, and Russia
On September 10, ICDS Director Matthew Bryza participated a panel discussion hosted by the German Marshall Fund (GMF) in Warsaw to unveil GMF's 2014 "Transatlanti...
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Jaan Murumets joins ICDS in September
Jaan Murumets has nearly two decades of experience as a Senior Civil Servant in the Ministry of Defense and General Staff combined with that of a professor and re...
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Martin Hurt of ICDS weighs in on Reform Party security document
Martin Hurt, International Centre for Defence Studies deputy director, took part in a 29 August discussion of the working version of the ruling Reform Party's nat...
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Poland Plans Gas Hub to Kill Reliance on Russian Energy
18.09.2014, The Moscow Times

Poland sets sights on gas hub to loosen Russia's energy grip
18.09.2014, Reuters

Poland reportedly already supplying arms to Ukraine
12.09.2014, Monitor Global Outlook