Thursday, July 24
Russia’s Actions against Ukraine
Since 27 February of this year, the Russian Federation first annexed Crimea before then organizing and facilitating subversive actions in the southern and eastern regions of Ukraine....
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Russia’s attack on Crimea
On 27 February 2014 the Russian Federation launched a coup attack on the Crimean government and parliament, and annexed the peninsula in less than a month. Ukraine, while in turmoil and tran..
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Ukraine Isn’t Divided Yet. Let’s Keep It That Way.
The overemphasis by many Western commentators on the divisions within Ukrainian society risks bringing into being the very “Yugoslav scenario” these authors ostensibly seek to avoid....
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Swedish-Finnish Defense Cooperation: How To Make It Count
The Russian attack on Ukraine has changed the paradigm of security debate in Northern Europe. Gone is the wishful thinking of a friendly Russia wanting to integrate in peaceful co-operation ..
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NATO Enlargement – an Analysis
The year 2014 brings several anniversary dates concerning NATO´s historic post-Cold War enlargement to Central and Eastern European nations. Fifteen years ago in spring 1999, the Czech Repub...
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Lessons Identified in Crimea
The annexation of Crimea in late February 2014 raises a number of questions about whether Estonia's own national defence system is adequate. It took very little time for Russian Federation f..
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Afghanistan on the eve of elections: 10 million voters, 20 million voter cards
Eleven candidates have been registered for the presidential elections set to take place in Afghanistan in April. They fall into two major groups: technocrats and warlords. The first have vis...
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Iraq: Is the United States returning to the Middle East?


The West Should Boost Cyber Security Assistance to Its Eastern Partners


An internship on cyber security
The International Center for Defence Studies, an independent research institute affiliated with the Estonian ministry of defense, is now accepting applications fo...
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Vladimir Socor has joined ICDS
The International Centre for Defence Studies (ICDS) is proud to announce that Vladimir Socor has joined ICDS as a Non-Resident Senior Fellow. Mr. Socor, currentl...
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International Cyber Defence Symposium Held in Tallinn
Today and tomorrow, the Estonian Ministry of Defence, the Tallinn-based International Centre for Defense Studies (ICDS) and the NATO Science and Technology Organi...
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Ukraine's gas dispute could mean cold winter for Central, East Europe
08.07.2014, Reuters

Ukraine Isn’t Divided Yet. Let’s Keep It That Way
19.06.2014, The Interpreter

Det räcker inte med goda grannar
11.06.2014, SVD